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Palliative Care

TulipsThe palliative approach to care focuses on supporting a person and their family in quality of life decisions, so as to relieve and prevent suffering as a person nears the end of life.

Palliative Care is not about stopping treatment or stopping care. The palliative approach empowers people to make choices about treatments which affect quality of life, as opposed to accepting treatments to prolong life at all costs.

At Hunter Valley Care, we believe that people have the right to optimum wellness throughout their life. Towards the end of life, enhanced care is needed to ensure continued wellbeing and comfort.

We approach Palliative Care with a holistic focus. We give attention to all physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects that arise for the person in care.

We also understand that focus must be given to the family at this delicate time. In our approach, we ensure that the family has all the information they need about the likely progression of their loved one’s condition, so as to make informed choices about treatment and care.

We promote ongoing discussion with the family about everyday life decisions regarding daily personal care routines, through to what they may wish to happen at the end of their loved one’s life.

Our trained staff are educated in our care philosophy, which supports a positive approach to reducing suffering from symptoms causing discomfort and concern for the care recipient and their family. Qualified staff are available to lend support as needed, assisting an understanding of the dying process, as well as loss and bereavement.

Providing enhanced care for a person with a life-limiting illness requires ongoing assessment, open communication and informed choices to ensure the person’s wellbeing. Through our holistic approach to Palliative Care, provided in the supportive environment of our Residential Care facilities, we can help enhance a person’s wellbeing through to the end of life.

How to apply

Most people requiring Palliative Care already reside in a Residential Aged Care facility. For these residents, Palliative Care services can be provided as their care needs increase. No additional applications are required. As always, the family will be consulted before any adjustments are made to a person’s care plan.

To arrange Palliative Care for a loved one who does not already reside in a Residential Aged Care facility, a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will need to complete an assessment of the person seeking care. The ACAT member will meet at the candidate’s home or hospital and ask a range of questions to determine whether a person is eligible to move into Residential Aged Care for Palliative Care.

An ACAT assessment can be arranged through your doctor or local hospital. For details of your local ACAT team call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit their website

For more information on applying for Residential Aged Care and ACAT, please refer to the Department of Health’s How To Access Services Guide. This guide may also be provided by your doctor or local hospital.

To find out more about applying for Residential Aged Care, please refer to Q&A – About Aged Care.

Palliative Care At Our Facilities

Palliative Care services are offered at all of our Residential Aged Care facilities. If you would like to speak with someone about the appropriate services for your loved one, please contact the facility’s Admissions Officer.

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