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Care Services

Care ServicesThere are many reasons why an older person may need help with managing their daily activities. Recent illness, disability, decreased mobility, the changing needs of their carers or simply a desire to connect with others may all contribute to their requirement for help. Hunter Valley Care has helped to enhance the lives of the elderly in residential settings since 1981. We currently have over 350 people in our care.

We strive to enhance people’s lives by genuinely caring, not just giving care. Our person-centred philosophy of care is founded on the belief that every person is a valued individual in their own right, worthy of respect and deserving of the choice to live their life as they please.

Even when faced with health challenges, people can still continue to live a quality life. With this in mind, we help people get the most out of their lives by acknowledging and embracing the individual’s abilities and promoting self-esteem and autonomy, all while providing holistic care. We cater for a person’s physical care needs as much as their psychological, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

All of our Residential Aged Care facilities enable ageing in place. Our ageing in place model ensures that our residents have the opportunity to receive a seamless transition of aged care services in line with their changing individual circumstances. Providing continuity of care within familiar surrounds – from low care through to high care and, when the time arrives, palliative care – gives our residents emotional security and peace of mind. They know that they won’t have to move just because their care needs increase.

Hunter Valley Care provides the following care services:

Independence With Care provides people with the opportunity to continue their independent lifestyle while enjoying the advantages of a secure, boutique living environment, offering companionship, care and support as needed.

Residential Aged Care supporting ageing in place:

  • Low Level Care provides homely accommodation and services for people who need some assistance with daily living activities. Delivered in a secure and supportive living environment, personal care services such as bathing can be provided, along with meals, cleaning, laundry, administration of medications, access to health care services, and a range of activities to enhance quality of life.
  • High Level Care provides homely accommodation and services for people who require 24-hour nursing assistance with their daily activities. Personal services may be the same as Low Care, but with a greater emphasis on nursing care for people with greater needs.
  • Extra Services may be available in both Low Care and High Care accommodations at our Residential Aged Care facilities. Extra Services are hotel-type services provided for an additional fee to enhance a person’s lifestyle. These services may include such benefits as a higher standard of accommodation, increased meal choices and additional lifestyle activities.

Palliative Care focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of people nearing the end of life. We focus on physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects that arise for the person in care, and provide support to the family at this delicate time.

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