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Assessment and Consultation

Assessment and Consultation

Assessment and ConsultationOn admission to any Hunter Valley Care facility, our staff members take the time to get to know the person coming into our care. In order to tailor an individual care plan, we want to know their character, interests, health needs, food preferences, family situation and history.

We have a team of compassionate people dedicated to supporting new residents and their families in the transition to Residential Aged Care. We understand that the transition can be challenging, bringing up issues that need to be addressed in a nurturing and reassuring manner. Our team is available simply to listen, or they can help with information and solutions if appropriate. We can also arrange spiritual guidance if requested.

To determine the initial care needs of the resident, staff review client documentation provided by the family or medical professionals. This review is done throughout the assessment period and on an ongoing basis. In terms of recognising individuals’ particular needs, a thorough assessment of the resident’s clinical and social background is collated to determine health needs as well as social and emotional requirements.

Our planning in centred on the individual client, looking at their past history, leisure activities, previous job roles, family life and communication patterns, as well as their environmental and physical needs. This information is case-conferenced and processed to develop strategies for care. If necessary, external health professionals are included, such as the resident’s family doctor or geriatrician, to assist in the formulation of a person-centred plan for each client.

The family or carer is always included in the assessment and ongoing development of the resident’s care plan. We encourage open communication with the families of people in our care. Our facility Executive Care Managers are available to meet with families as required to discuss adjustments to their loved one’s care plan or any concerns that families would like addressed.