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Independent Living with Care

GrandmotherThrough our Independence With Care philosophy, Hunter Valley Care empowers people to maintain their active, independent lifestyle while enjoying the advantages of companionship, support as needed, and a secure, boutique living environment at The Sanctuary, Tingira Heights.

Residents can live comfortably knowing that help is always available. Nursing staff are on site throughout the day, seven days a week. Carers can assist with the administration of medications, arrange health care appointments, and may also provide transportation to and from appointments if required. A 24-hour personal response service is available to alert an on-call carer in the case of an emergency. We are also able to help arrange and provide government-funded Community Packaged Care to assist with the cost of health and personal needs.

Our Independence With Care model gives people the choice to manage their daily lives as they like, with support provided when needed. Residents have the choice to prepare their own meals, do their own laundry, organise their own appointments and outings, or it can all be done for them.

We appreciate that people may also choose The Sanctuary for the social benefits of living with people who are at the same stage in life. Residents are accommodated in shared boutique housing, providing the company of like-minded people and the reassurance that a friend is always nearby. The concept of community living is integral to the design of the facility, with many shared areas available for residents to come together or entertain friends and family.

We understand that people value freedom in their retirement. Freedom from the responsibilities of home ownership and maintenance are just some of the benefits of residing at The Sanctuary. Without the burden of a house to maintain or domestic duties such as cleaning to worry about, people are free to make the most of their time to do whatever they enjoy. Residents have the choice to relax in the privacy of their home, they may wish to arrange their own outings, or staff can arrange activities for them.

The Sanctuary is located in a quiet, leafy setting at Tingira Heights on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie. Close to entertainment, leisure and essential health services, The Sanctuary may be the ideal place to call home.

For more information about the Care Services offered by Hunter Valley Care, you may refer to Q&A – About Our Care Services.

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