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Tips for Preparing Nursing Home Residents for Senior Yoga Classes


Yoga can be practised by an individual of any age. It can be adapted to different skill levels, fitness levels and ages so that the participants are able to improve their overall wellbeing. There are many health benefits of seniors being more active; yoga classes can help improve their balance and flexibility along with improving their mental health.

When you are organising

A yoga class for residents at a nursing home, there are a few things that need to be done in preparation for the event. You need to select an elderly yoga instructor who has experience teaching senior classes. They will have a better understanding of how to adapt certain movements and simplify them so that the residents are able to do it easily. They can also assess the skill level and fitness of each resident so that they can make changes and ensure that everyone has a sufficient challenge.

You need to ask the instructor for their requirements as well; for example, there may be certain space requirements you need to look for. When preparing the residents, you need to give them plenty of notice. Not everyone will be familiar with yoga so you can explain this to them simply and that even beginners are welcome to join the event. You need to let everyone know the date and time of the class and where the class will be taking place.

You can ask

The yoga instructor about the relaxation level or intensity level of the class so that this information can be relayed to the residents. And you can ask the residents if they have any concerns about participating in this class. Certain questions can be relayed to the yoga instructor so that they can provide clarifications. You need to let all the residents know of what is recommended to wear for yoga sessions.

They should wear loose and comfortable clothing so that they are able to move freely. You can give some examples of ideal clothing such as stretchy pants and breathable T-shirts. Also, you will have to check whether the residents have socks that come with grip soles so that they will not slip during the session. However, socks are not essential to be worn during yoga. You can ask the instructor about what they recommend as well.

There have to be seating options provided

So that anybody is able to sit during the session while still being part of it. Those who can, will use yoga mats on the floor. But having different options will make the residents more comfortable in taking part in a new activity. They will also be able to practice yoga safely within their physical capabilities. Think about the environment where the yoga class will be carried out.

Make sure to create an environment where there will be little to no distractions. So if there is a hallway adjacent to the location, you can close the doors so that noise is dampened. You can also have soothing music and soft lighting so that a calming atmosphere is created. Make sure to have plenty of water in hand so that the residents will be hydrated throughout the class.

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