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When to Book an Orthodontist Appointment


If you are wondering whether you are too old for orthodontic treatment or unsure about whether there is an orthodontic treatment for your issue, there are a few things you can consider before you make a decision. Basically, you can visit an orthodontist if your teeth are not properly aligned or you are suffering from a bad bite. These issues are easy to spot as you will have difficulty with eating and speaking when the quality of your bite is very poor. An orthodontist has the experience and the know-how to treat your issue in the best possible way.

In addition to overcrowding of teeth and protruding teeth, there are some orthodontic problems that you may not consider to be in the scope of an orthodontist such as clenching or grinding your teeth often or breathing through the mouth. You might also be biting your cheek by accident which can cause a lot of pain. In the same way, some people tend to bite the roof of their mouth. In certain instances, you may hear a sound when your jaws move, which is something that an orthodontist can help with. If you are worried about the appearance of your teeth when your teeth don’t meet properly, this can be resolved with a visit to the orthodontist. They will then formulate a treatment plan according to your requirements and outline the duration of the procedure and how long it will take you to recover from it.

You can visit an orthodontic clinic as an adult if you are self-conscious about your smile. Orthodontic treatment for adults is widely available so there is no reason to think that you are too old to correct your teeth. Most people tend to think that this can only be done in the early years; while it may be easier done when you were a child, teeth correction is not an impossibility.  There are a variety of treatment options such as clear aligners Richmond, lingual braces, ceramic brackets that are translucent etc. Metal braces are not the only solution and orthodontic treatment has come a long way with innovative technology.

It is recommended that your child be examined by an orthodontist when they are about seven years old as a specialist will be able to spot any irregularity in tooth development or alignment at this age. It is also easier to treat at an early stage as the child is still developing. Most of the time, a palate expander is used to treat cross bite in a child. If this was not treated when the child was young, surgery may be the option left when you are correcting it as an adult. There are some problems that can be corrected at an early age such as mouth breathing, constant sucking of thumbs etc. You can visit the orthodontist when you notice any of these signs. Sometimes, the treatment may be prescribed to be carried out in later years but you will still be informed about what the correct procedure is.

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