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Importance of Eye Examinations


Your eyes are how you see the world and most of the time we forget the importance of checking on their health regularly. The only time most people will visit an optometrist is when there is something wrong with their vision. Oftentimes, this may be an issue that could have been resolved easily if caught early.

When you are a parent, you need to make sure that your child’s vision is up to standard so that they can succeed in school. With poor vision, they will not be able to see what the teacher is writing and they can miss a lot of things. They may not even understand their vision is poor at a young age. Nowadays children are increasingly attached to digital devices and the amount of screen time they are exposed to have increased considerably. Parents tend to give digital devices to children as it is easier to keep their attention in one place. You need to limit screen time at younger ages. Also, you have to take them for an examination in The Eyewear House once a year to get an idea of whether they need improvement in their vision. Vision is important inside and outside classrooms and it can impact the way they learn a great deal. This will help their hand eye coordination in sports as well.          

When you visit the optometrist, a comprehensive exam will be carried out. Based on the findings of the exam, the optometrist will consider a treatment option that is best for you. Near-sightedness or myopia is growing increasingly common in children. When you have myopia at a young age, there is a risk of it progressing throughout your childhood. This creates a greater risk for eye conditions that are more serious later in life. Some examples are glaucoma and cataracts. With regular eye exams, you will be able to assess whether your child is at risk for myopia. There are control measures that can be taken when myopia is identified early on.

Many schools have vision screenings for their students. But just because your child passes the vision screening, it can be hard to confirm they are having perfect vision. These screenings are there to identify students who have serious vision problems. But you can’t consider this screening a substitute for an eye exam. An eye exam is more comprehensive and it will give a clear picture of your child’s vision. Both children and adults should go for regular eye examinations. This way you will be able to spot the beginnings of eye conditions even without having any early symptoms. You can find out whether you are at risk for glaucoma or eye cancer with regular examinations. Glaucoma doesn’t have any early symptoms and oftentimes you will not notice anything wrong with your eyesight. You will only notice a difference after significant damage has been done by the disease to your vision. So it can be very hard to treat at this stage. This is a disease that can put you at risk for blindness.

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